Mõtlesin,et näitan teile kui vanamoeliselt, aga samas nii nunnult Austraalias töö- ja elukoha soovitusi antakse: lisan siia Maiksu ühelt endiselt tööandjalt saadud soovituse..

This is to certify I have known Maik Mäesalu for a period of 2 years. Maik worked for me for 3 months back in 2011 as a painter. I have found Maik to be a very responsible person and I value his honesty and workmanship. Maik is reliable, punctual and hard working. He interacts well with co workers and is well liked by all.

Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need to ask me any questions concerning Maik. My contact details are as listed above. I wish Maik the best of luck in his ventures and would not hesitate to re-employ Maik if he returns back to Hamilton Island.

vot nii tore mees ongi mul.

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